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You come to Santorini Island and want to see all the sites? Instead of waiting for a bus for a long time, you can rent a car in Vazeos Car Rental! Vazeos Car Rental is a dynamic rent a car company in Santorini island (Thira) which offers car rental services all over the island with the best prices

Save 30% off with the Santorini Discount Card! You get it once and can use it for all kinds of offers.. 

What can Vazeos Car Rental offer?

  • New models

  • Low prices

  • Free delivery

  • Collection anywhere in Santorini Island (Santorini port Athinios, Santorini airport, villages, hotels, etc.)

  • Comfort cars

  • Human customer care

  • The fleet of 120 cars 

  • All kinds of cars (budget, automatic, open cars, minibus, luxury cars) for business and holiday travel 

Don’t miss your chance to see the beauty of Santorini Island without wasting time for waiting for a bus. 

Enjoy driving and the discount with the Santorini Discount Card!

How Santorini Discount Card works

Make your dream come true with the Santorini Discount Card! 

You pay only 9.99 euro for the card and get discounts on all the offers from this website, including accommodation, food, tours, car rental, shopping bars, events, and many more.

One can is valid for 1 person. You can see it as a membership to some sort of community, where the finest travel enterprises of the island offer you their service for a fair price.

When you are at Vazeos Car Rental, just inform the enterprise that you have the Santorini Discount Card. At the location, they will scan your QR code and provide the price adjustment. As the result, you’ll both have an exciting travel experience at Santorini and save some money! 

Grab the chance to get discounts for more than 160 best offers on Santorini Island only for 9.99 euro. One SantoriniDiscountCard gives you all the opportunities!

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