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A few words about our approach to food...
The ‘Andreas’ taverna has been faithful to traditional flavor for many years, and the additions to our menu over time are based on authentic European flavor profiles.
Our locally sourced ingredients are carefully chosen. Nourished as they are by the volcanic soil of the island and the bright sun of the Aegean, they give a strong taste of summer in all our dishes.
We are great admirers of tradition, and we have accordingly created a menu that includes all the authentic delicacies that are unique to Santorini, such as freshly made yellow split-pea (fava) with its rich natural flavor, light and crispy tomato fritters made with juicy red Santorini tomatoes, and Santorini moussaka made with sweet potatoes and white eggplant.
There is an abundance of fish and seafood delicacies as fresh as the sea breeze itself, as well as high-quality, locally-sourced wines with strong flavors and lingering finishes.
Our menu also includes delicious European dishes such as:
Chicken à la crème
Pork schnitzel with a smoky bacon sauce Pepper steak - beef tenderloin in a spicy black pepper sauce
Beefsteak in red wine sauce with succulent fresh mushrooms
In our restaurant, you will also find a variety of fresh cuts of meat grilled to order, and delicious ‘mezes’ to accompany your glass of ouzo, including marinated fresh sardines and octopus in vinegar.
Bon appetit!

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