We are team of like-minded people, who believe that travel can be and must be affordable.
Together with Santorini Discount Card, every traveler discovers the amazing island of Santorini and gets discounts and special offers for many useful services.

Year-round discount card provides unlimited membership in our club. Special offers and discounts on rental services, entertainment, dining, shopping and private VIP services are what you get with your Santorini Discount Card.

How does the platform work?
Santorini Discount Card is based on membership access with discount cards. Santorini Discount Card brings together travelers and partners around the world without intermediaries or additional fees.
The traveler purchases a discount card for only 9.99 € and gets the opportunity to use all the discounts available on the platform.

How to get a discount?
Buy a Santorini Discount Card, contact our partners for the service and show your personal QR code. An employee of the partner company activates it and you get a discount.

What discount do you get?
Hotel discounts are based on rental bookings platforms prices. Discounts on other services are subject to current pricing and partner terms.

What is card validity?
The discount card is valid for 1 year.

Are my friends able to use discount?
Sure! You can buy one card for everyone traveling with you. The number of people who can use your card is defined in the description of your offer. However, if one of your friends activates a discount, you yourself will no longer be able to receive the same discount.

How many times can you use discount card?
You can use the card once and only for each offer. If you want to use the same discount again, you will need to buy another card.

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